Recharge with XRender

Recharge with XRender

Q:What is R coin?

A:R coin refers to the render coin. It is the currency that users need to render with XRender. $1=10 R coins.

Q:How many R coins do I have?

A:Users can find the balance of R coin by login to the XRender website or in the XRender Client.

Q:How to get R coins?

A:There is a way to add balance to your XRender wallet:

Recharge with your PayPal account by Click [Purchase] in the XRender user Center


If you want to recharge via bank transfer or other third-party payment software, please feel free to contact us.

Q: How to get more R coins for free?

A: XRender provides users $25 for render test for free. You may get them by:

  1. Register a XRender account to get $5
  2. Join our XRender discordopen in new window and send your username to the serve owner @XRender Render Farm to get $20.