Model - Balcony Railing


Supports clicking to apply various balcony railing in CG MAGIC library, or you may add your own models to the CG MAGIC library for further use.

Model – Roof & Tile


Supports generating tiles on the roof according to set parameters;

  1. Ang.: Set the slope of the roof;
  1. Multi-roof:Select the target spline or face and click to generate a roof with multiple faces;
  1. Tiles: Select the target roof and double-click the tile style to apply. The tile provides default material configuration, which you can also modify in the material editor. The process of loading tiles may take some time, please be patient;

Model - Blind


Supports Generate blind according to set parameters.

  1. Wid.: The width of the blind slats;
  2. Thic.: Thickness of the blind slats;
  3. Dist.: The spacing between blind slats;
  4. Ang.: The angle of the blind slats;
  5. F Wi.: The width of the blind frame;
  6. F Th.: The thickness of the blind frame;
  7. Gen frame: Check to generate blind frames;
  8. Gen. Blind: Click to generate blind based on the parameters set above;

Model - Grille


Supports generating grilles according to set parameters.

  1. Wid.: The width of the wooden strips;
  2. Dis.: The distance between the wooden strips;
  3. Thic.: Thickness of wooden strips;
  4. Boa.: The thickness of the base board;
  5. Hor.: Select to create horizontal wooden strips;
  6. Vert.: Select to create longitudinal wooden strips;
  7. Rou.: Check to generate inner (In.)/outer (Out.) round corner;

Model – Glass Building


Select the target spline to Generate glass building according to set parameters.

  1. Floor: Check to generate floor;
  2. Wall: Check to generate wall;
  3. Frame: Check to generate window frame;
  4. Curt.: Check to generate curtains, randomly displayed;
  5. G.hei.: The height of the first floor;
  6. Fl.hei.: The height of rest of the floor;
  7. Floor: The total number of floors to be generated;

Road System


Select the target spline to Generate road systems according to set parameters.

  1. Spline manager: Select all splines that you want to use to generate road, and click + to add them as target. You may also select certain splines to remove (-) or clear all (x) from the spline manager;
  2. Wid.: Edit the width of the selected road;
  3. Lanes: Edit the number of lanes of the selected road;
  4. Emerg. Lane: Check to add emergency lanes to the selected road;
  5. Green Belt: Check to add a central green belt to the selected road;
  1. Rou.: Edit the roundness of all intersection corners;
  2. S.walk: Check to enable and edit the number of sidewalks for all roads;
  3. T.light: Check to add traffic lights to all roads;
  4. Lmp.: Check to add street lamps to all roads;
  5. Curb: Check to add curbs to all roads;
  6. Path: Check to add paths to all roads. The path can be used to quickly generate traffic animation, which you may check the Traffic Animationsection for more details;
  7. Left/Right: Choose to drive on the left or on the right according to the driving habits of the user's area;


Road width, number of lanes, emergency lanes and green belts can be taken into effect for specific splines selected in the Spline Manager. However, intersection smoothing, sidewalks, traffic lights, street lights, curbs and paths, after these elements are checked, will be applied to all splines. It may take a while to load all assets and generate the whole read system, so please be patient

Model – Planters


Supports Generate planters according to the set parameters on target closed splines. The planter created by CG MAGIC generator is made of three parts by default: top table (T), middle body (M) and bottom base (B), you may change the settings to customize your own planter.

  1. M.Hei.: Height of the middle body;
  2. T.Wid.: Width of the top table;
  3. T.Thi.: Thickness of the top table;
  4. T.Eave: Thickness of the top eave;
  5. B.Hei.: Height of the bottom base;
  6. B.Dep.: Groove depth of the bottom base;
  7. Top: Check to enable top table in the planter;
  8. Base: Check to enable bottom base in the planter;
  9. Rou.: Check and edit to enable round corner of the top table;

Terrain Fitting


Supports fitting target terrain with the different objects. This feature is very suitable for creating roads, rivers and other application scenarios in rugged terrain, such as winding mountain roads, valley rivers, etc.

To fit the terrain, you may: Select the terrain – Click Fit – Select the object to be fitted to the terrain.

  1. Dis.: The distance left by the object when fitting the terrain;
  2. Fit: Click to fit object to the terrain;

Model – Mountain


Supports Generate mountain according to the set parameters in closed spline.

  1. Ang.: Select and adjust angle to generate mountain;
  2. Heig.: Select and adjust height to generate mountain;
  3. Subdiv.: The number of subdivisions of the mountain;
  4. – Polygon: Check to automatically reduce polygons in the model to optimize the mountain model;

Terrain Re-wiring


Supports re-wiring selected terrain according to specified parameters to optimize the model.

  1. Hor.: The number/size of horizontal lines you want to generate after reconstruction;
  2. Vert.: The number/size of longitudinal lines you want to generate after reconstruction;
  3. Num./Size: Select to decide whether to reconstruct based on the number or size of horizontal and vertical lines;



Supports generating a dome-shaped sky based on a selected image, or drawing a custom curved sky.

  1. Sel.Image: Click to select a sky image;
  2. Dome: Click to generate a dome above the scene with the selected sky image;
  3. Dome : Click to draw a custom curved surface with the selected sky image;

Model - Stone


Supports clicking and generating random size of stone models according to the set parameters.

  1. Size: Size of stones;
  2. Rough: Roughness of stones;
  3. Random: Random value of stones;
  4. Subdiv.: The number of subdivisions of stones;

Model - Hedgerow


Support generating hedgerow by drawing a line or the existed splines according to the set parameters.

  1. Wid.: The width of hedgerow;
  2. Hei.: The height of hedgerow;
  3. Draw: Click to draw bar shape to generate the hedgerow. Left click to locate each point, and right-click to exit editing;
  4. Pick: Click to pick a spline to generate the hedgerow;

Model - Snow


Supports covering the surface of any object with snow.

  1. Thrs1: Threshold value for snow cover lateral;
  2. Thrs2: Threshold value of snow cover longitudinally;
  3. Size1: The lateral dimensions of the snow cover;
  4. Size2: The lengthwise dimension of the snow cover;
  5. Rough.: Roughness of noise;
  6. Pass: Detail of noise;